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A Lesson in Proper Guitar Etiquette...

i am relatively new as well. this is the first community i joined. scratch that, the second, but i left the poetry community cos nobody gives anybody any feedback. everyone says, "read my stuff please, omg, it's like, so fucking good." IMO most of it sucks. poetry, just like any other art is relative to the reader's opinion...

so people that suck, hmmm, lemme think. i have a friend with the same disposition as your friend Rick. my friend Deathmetal (nickname has nothing to do with his musical taste, he's more of a punk kind of guy) plays guitar. correction, attempts to play the guitar. he fancies himself in the ranks of Billy Joe or whoever the singer for Green Day is. he constantly wants to take my guitar from my hands and play it. he often breaks that unwritten rule of Thou Shalt Not Ask To Play Your Neighbor's Guitar Whilst He Is In The Middle Of A Song. ask after...

your friends are often the measure of yourself, the company you keep is often there to make you look like the better option...
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